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Grubs a Mole's Best Friend  April 2001

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Grubs are the larvae of different kinds of beetles, including May and June beetles (also called white grubs)  and Asiatic, Japanese, and masked chafer beetles.  The grubs feed on the turf roots and can kill an entire lawn.  Some birds and animals relish on grubs and dig up the lawn to feed on them.  The adult beetles do not damage the lawn, but they do lay eggs in the soil.  May and June beetles lay eggs in the spring and summer.  Asiatic, Japanese, and masked chafer beetles lay eggs in mid- to late summer.  The eggs hatch and the grubs feed on roots 1 to 3 inches deep in the soil.  In late fall they burrow 6 - 9 inches into the soil to winter over.  They resume feeding in the spring and cause damage as larvae begin to grow and feed on the root systems of lawns.  The larvae are what moles, voles, and birds feed upon which is also problematic to your entire yard and turf.  

Since different species of beetles lay eggs at different times of the year, it is best to use a two stage treatment program, one that kills immediately in the spring and another which is preventative in the late summer.  

Rule of thumb is to apply the immediate product in late March but no later than the middle of April.  When yards begin to show green they are coming out of dormancy and this is when the spring treatment will be most effective.  The product I recommend is Sevin Lawn Insect Granules applied with a broadcast spreader.  Sevin is my choice because not only does it kill he Grub larvae but also ants, aphids, fleas, scale, and ticks.  Be sure to treat garden beds also.  After application water well so the granules wash below soil level where  most of these pests are located.  

End of July is the best to apply the long term preventative treatment.  The product I like best for this application is Bayer Advanced Season-Long- Grub Control and Turf Revitalizer.  Why I like this product is because not only does it have a slow release granule to kill adult beetles and larvae, it also has slow release fertilizer to help build the turf root system.